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But currently she’s down 26 extra pounds, many thanks to Weight Watchers, according to a new advertising video clip … and she’s eating bread ‘each and every single day’ because it fits in her plan.

‘ This is the pleasure for me,’ Winfrey said in a new promotional video clip posted to Twitter. ‘I like bread. I now just handle it so I don’t refute myself bread … that’s the brilliant of this program.’

The business’s supply rose after the video was uploaded, making Winfrey – currently an investor in the weight-loss firm – a reported $12.5 million for just publishing a tweet. However all of the cash on the planet can’t assure fat burning, as Winfrey has demonstrated – which’s unusually soothing to one writer.

‘ Oprah is perhaps the most achieved, appreciated, able individual on the planet … so, if Oprah cannot do long-term lifelong weight loss, perhaps it can not be done … and also that draws,’ Caissie St. Onge, a self-proclaimed Oprah follower, composed on Facebook. ‘But it is also extremely releasing if you, like me, have actually thought of your weight so lots of times throughout each day of your life that it ends up being as frustrating and disruptive as if you would certainly stowed a pounding telltale heart below your floorboards.’

Listen. I intend to inform you something long. I love Oprah. Veteran Oprah-lover over here. And I rejoice for her …

Posted by Caissie St.Onge on Thursday, January 7, 2016

It’s not always, she says, a matter of being ‘lazy’ or ‘uninspired,’ due to the fact that some individuals, even effective ones, typically aren’t able to shed or keep weight off – and also it’s not an issue of cannot try, though a number of us have the tendency to blame ourselves for this ‘failing,’ despite the fact that we placed in the work.

‘ I would stand out a person in the chops if they talked to me the method I talk to myself. And I would certainly bet all Oprah’s money that Oprah says mean crap to herself too,’ St. Onge continued.

‘ I wish Oprah gets what she wants, and perhaps [millions of dollars] in eventually is the motivator that will finally make it take place for her, finally. I assume I’m gon na quit wanting something that I might never obtain also though I’m extremely excellent as well as extremely strong and also I attempt very hard all the time,’ she included of her own choice to end the weight loss game.

‘ I’m gon na take a break on all that, at least for a little while. Let me know just how it turns out this time, though, Oprah. I’ll enjoy you either method.’

It does look like Oprah gets on the appropriate course now – with or without the money – yet St. Onge does emphasize: There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy to weight loss.