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As pointed out in our previous article, September is National Leukemia and Lymphoma Understanding Month. Lucille Roberts is assisting elevate funds and also awareness regarding these conditions to ensure we are all healthy and to lastly state good riddance to cancer. Below we will be sharing the symptoms and signs of leukemia and also lymphoma, which frequently get forgotten. Below is just what you should understand:

Leukemia and Lymphoma result from problems with white blood cells.

Leukemia is usually a slow-moving condition, the signs and symptoms relocate slowly too. With time, the impacts of having an excess of white blood cells combined with reducing varieties of red cell will certainly take a toll on the body. Some typical symptoms are:

  • easy bruising
  • bleeding
  • excessive fatigue
  • night sweats and fevers
  • increased body infections
  • headaches

Unlike leukemia, lymphoma particularly impacts the lymph nodes. Some typical signs are:

  • swollen, however painless lymph nodes
  • loss of appetite as well as weight loss
  • itchy skin
  • fever and night sweats
  • breathing difficulties
  • chest pain
  • swollen, painful abdomen
  • excessive fatigue

If you recognize you are experiencing these signs and symptoms as well as have problems, please contact your doctor.

Also, a pleasant tip that Lucille Roberts will be increasing money to assist the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research for the month of September.

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Here is how you can help:

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  3. Head over to as well as click the “Donate” button to contribute.

From every person at Lucille Roberts as well as Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Study, thanks for your payments as well as assistance! Every contribution helps us in the fight for a cure.

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