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Want to boost your memory? The response could be right at hand.

A new research published in journal PLOS ONE discovered that squeezing your hands right into clenched fists can help create memories. When the best hand is clenched, the memory could be formed-and to recall that memory, clinch the left hand.

‘ The findings suggest that some simple body movements-by momentarily transforming the method the mind functions-can improve memory,’ claimed scientist Ruth Propper, of Montclair State University. ‘Future research study will certainly analyze whether hand clenching could likewise enhance other kinds of cognition, for instance verbal or spatial abilities.’

To perform the study, scientists split right-handed participants into five teams. They had to do an activity that needed them to memorize and recall 72 words.

One team clinched their best hands right into hands for 90 seconds before the words were exposed, that squeezed their right-hand men again after they had remembered the words. One more team was asked to do the same point, however with their left hands. The third team didn’t clinch their hands in any way. A fourth team squeezed their left hand prior to the memorizing job, and afterwards their right-hand man right before they needed to state the words. The last group did the other, squeezing their right hand when the words were exposed, and their left hand when they recalled the words.

The last group did the best.

According to the researchers, the result of hand-clenching on memory might be since squeezing a fist triggers specific mind regions that are additionally related to memory formation.