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Seriously: Evidently the current fashionable everything to do in European clubs is to sniff up lines of … cacao powder.

My very first thought is that the caffeine in the delicious chocolate provides a momentary boost, but according to The Daily Mail, ‘It first supplies a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream which can fuel feelings of euphoria, particularly when paired with dance songs. The chocolate additionally includes high amounts of magnesium which unwinds your muscular tissues.’

Ravers in Berlin are even shunning euphoria for dancing ’til dawn under the buzz of raw, pure delicious chocolate that they grunt, consume alcohol or take in pill form.

The fad is so on the up as well as up that Belgium chocolatier Dominique Persoone produced a $50 snorting tool that clubgoers are utilizing to obtain the powder to their mind instantly.

I’ll be straightforward … I had to examine that the pattern wasn’t first reported on The Onion, because it seems so absurd. Sure, raw cacao is healthy – a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that its flavanols increase flow and boost mind power.

But all that sniffing can not be great? Delicious chocolate smelling expert Persoone urges it’s all penalty. ‘The mentality when you think of sniffing is: ‘Oh it’s kinky, individuals that do that things’,’ he informed The Daily Mail. ‘I’m not the bad boy advertising drugs, not at all … life is burning out. Let’s have fun.’

I believe I’ll adhere to eating chocolate in sweet bar form.