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First things first

  • Don’t make beginners’ mistakes
  • How to prevent yoga injuries
  • How to avoid hip injury
  • The most typical mistakes made in yoga

Yoga basics

  • 12 poses for beginners
  • Morning yoga poses for energy
  • Bedtime yoga that improves sleep
  • Total-body toning yoga poses
  • Pregnancy yoga poses

Yoga poses that tone your…

  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Butt

Yoga for the cure

  • Yoga poses for quick anxiety relief
  • Yoga for your period
  • Yoga poses that boost heart health
  • Yoga poses best for jet lag
  • Anti-aging yoga poses
  • Yoga presents that support your immune system
  • Yoga poses for better posture

Intimate yoga

  • Partner yoga poses
  • Yoga relocates that function as sex positions

Intermediate yoga poses

  • Conquering crow pose
  • Master the splits
  • How to hold a headstand
  • Bonus! How to speak yoga


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