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Dion Parratt is just 18 years of ages however she thinks that her life has been damaged by her extreme consumption of power beverages. Just recently she bravely took to Facebook to alert others of the threats these caffeinated, sugar-rich beverages carry.

Sharing a picture of herself with several cords attached to her from a heart rate screen she wrote, ‘I understand I look fat as f *** right here however I believed long and hard regarding uploading it. This is just what happens when you spend your youth alcohol consumption power drinks. I’m currently stuck with cables and also a substantial box affixed to me for 1 Day. Before you consume alcohol rock celebrities as well as them inexpensive energy beverages assume regarding what your doing to your body and to any individual that is a parent don’t let your children consume them they need to be prohibited. (sic)’

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Parratt then took place to disclose that she began consuming power drinks when she was in Year 7 as well as she did not become aware simply exactly how dangerous they were for her until she began experiencing illness. She likewise condemns her energy beverage usage for her 2 miscarriages.

‘ Year 7 used to consume alcohol easy 4/5 a day and also I would be a complete bitch if I didn’t have them lol! It had not been till I shed the second baby that they discovered an issue with my heart truthfully go get inspected you don’t wan na pass away young b xxxxx, (sic)’ she wrote in reaction to among the comments.

Cardiologist Dr. Graham Jackson told the Daily Mail,’ [Parratt] probably had an underlying heart issue that was discovered when she went to the doctor regarding heart palpitations. Now they are monitoring her for what is causing her pulse to quit. They are most likely attempting to find out exactly what the underlying issue is.’

Dr. Jackson added that two large canisters of a common power drink could amount to as much as 800 milligrams of high levels of caffeine, which is twice the secure daily level.

Parratt’s blog post has actually been shared over 6,000 times as well as has made people take into consideration the damaging impacts highly caffeinated beverages can have on their bodies.

Comments on the post include one from Alfie Napier who created, ‘Fair play for placing this up Dion, you could see its making people believe long and hard, heal soon my og (sic).’

‘ Wow you’re so inspiring Dion, I barely consume them myself however I have a few close friends that do drink like two a day and it’s really just not an advantage to continue doing at all …’ Josh Davidson wrote.

Kirsty Rossiter also commended Parratt’s activities. She composed, ‘Great on you babe, the very least its making people aware of it all xxx. (sic)’

Do you drink energy beverages daily? Will this story make you reevaluate? Let us know your thoughts.