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You be the judge: Nineteen-year-old owners Ashton Onesko and also Luke Buchy produced the most recent membership solution in order to aid ladies survive the inescapable PMS that comes each month.

Starting at $12.99 a month, you’ll obtain various rewards shipped directly to your door in The PMS Package.

‘ Our packages change every month,’ Onesko told People. ‘We supply our boxes with rewards from the theme of the month or holiday. We have chocolate, lotions, candle lights, packed pets, blurry socks, candies and a lot more.’

But is it just loaded with things men think women desire when Auntie Flo involves go to? No, according to Onesko.

‘ We have a team of ladies who bounce suggestions back and forth to determine one of the most reassuring things to take into the bundles,’ he told People. ‘We additionally get responses from our consumers by running Twitter polls to see just what they would desire in the bundles. We prefer to stick with the most calming products, along with treats to take pleasure in.’

While it’s certainly sympathetic – and also we provide props to people that attempt to do pleasant things for women – it appears a little, well, unnecessary. Females are liking it, they say.

‘ What girls enjoy most around our plans is that we ship it to them when they start their duration. Our entire goal of this business is based off our slogan: ‘Comfort provided right to your door when you need it most,” Onesko said.