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Take the word misophonia. No, it has nothing to do with disliking miso soup. It real implies the hatred of noise, or the problem of having adverse reactions to particular noises. My fiancĂ© has misophonia specifically with the noises individuals make when they eat. Even when I believe I’m chewing truly quietly, he looks like someone is scraping on a chalkboard. Although it might seem silly, it’s a genuine condition over which he has little to no control.

There are many more unusual problems like misophonia that you probably really did not understand had such great words to define them. Right here are a few of our favorites.

1. Onychophagia

This is the scientific word for the everyday routine of nail-biting. Although it is just one of the most usual conditions in the world, if you do it fanatically, you may wish to see a doctor concerning it. Hostility therapy, such as using nasty-tasting nail polish, is in some cases executed as a kind of treatment.

2. Paruresis

Simply placed, paruresis indicates pee stage shock. If you have problem peeing in public washrooms, you may experience it. It has the tendency to influence males more compared to ladies (rest rooms are less private nevertheless). Treatment typically involves treatment and also finished exposure to peeing in public restrooms.

3. Katagelasticism

This is the impossible-to-say term used to describe schadenfreude, or obtaining satisfaction from other’s bad luck. If you desire a much less hard descriptor, you could simply call the person with the condition a jerk.

4. Alexithymia

Ever obtain really annoyed with your loved one because they’re not interacting with you throughout an emotional time? Well, it transforms out that could not simply be a ‘individual point.’ There’s really a condition called alexithymia, makings it tough for people to reveal or understand feelings. 8 from 10 people deal with it, and also not surprisingly, the huge bulk of them are men.

5. Rhinotillexomania

Obsessive nose-picking. If this ends up being a body-focused repeated actions, it’s ideal to look for therapy since you might finish up doing damage to your nose.

6. Mucophagy

Eating the mucous or boogers you choose. This set usually goes together with the problem above.

7. Arachibutyrophobia

Absolute best one on this listing – it suggests worry of peanut butter adhering to the roofing system of your mouth.

8. Paresthesia

That itching or tingling feeling you obtain when your foot drops asleep.

9. Crapulous

I will be utilizing this word this weekend. It means the unpleasant, nauseated feeling you obtain when you eat or drink excessive. Think it or not, it dates back to the 1530s.

10. Peladophobia

Peladophobia is the fear of hairless people, and it is, not remarkably, suffered most by hairless people or individuals going bald.

11. Dentophobia

Fear of dental professionals. This one’s for my dad (who’s a dental surgeon).

12. Coulrophobia

That’s right. There’s actually a word for the concern most everybody feels: the worry of clowns.

13. Lockiophobia

Fear of giving birth. This set has actually come to be progressively common.

14. Medomalacuphobia

The fear of shedding an erection. I do not know one person who hasn’t experienced this at once or another.