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And they’re blamed permanently reason: One 12-ounce can of soda consists of upwards of 200 calories and also 35 grams of sugar. However, excessive weight isn’t really the only illness that can arise from too much soft drink slurping, as author Andy Campbell discloses in a distressing essay for The Huffington Post.

Campbell says that as a 12-year-old he consumed alcohol Mountain Dew … nothing else.

‘ When I claim I drank a whole lot of Mountain Dew, I truly mean it was the only thing I drank,’ he writes. ‘For several months of my childhood, I had endless access to the neon-green sugar bomb, as well as I took a swig whenever I was thirsty.’

He passed out one night prior to dinner as well as had to be hurried to the health center. ‘… I couldn’t keep in mind the last time I would certainly had a beverage of water. It had been months,’ he adds. ‘It ends up that I was experiencing extreme dehydration.’

Campbell states soda advertising to kids is the factor for his dependency to the Dew. His routine began after a road crew for Hill Dew showed up at his summer camp and also he was linkeded after that. The obsession nearly cost him his life. Basically, all the water in his body was changed with corn syrup.

‘ When I reached the hospital, it took three medical employees to locate my veins, because without much water, they were completely collapsed.’ he composes. ‘My treatment was a big bag of hydrating liquids, as well as I was informed I must never ever drink soft drink once more.’

His fascination appears a little bit severe, yet it’s truly not that much out there for much of today’s children. If they’re not swigging soda, they’ll throw back a power drink. A current research by Rudd Center for Food Policy and Excessive weight at the University of Connecticut discovered that 35 percent of eighth-graders eaten at the very least one power drink in the past year as well as 18 percent consumed greater than one.

Let that go without supervision and out come kids riddled with a whole host of health issue, including obesity, Type II diabetics issues, anxiety, ADHD – as well as death. And also no, diet regimen soda isn’t really any kind of better.

Let’s just agree to just give kids water from now on, OK?

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