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The Age of Loneliness begins with 85-year-old widow Dorothy from Blackpool, that discloses that she misses her partner so much she occasionally will ‘reverse and ask him, ‘Eric, why did you go?” They were married for 58 years, as well as Eric died six years ago. Dorothy claims explaining loneliness ‘is the hardest point’.

‘ You can’t see it, smell it or touch it – you can only feel it when you have actually got it’, she says.

But it’s not just senior people like Dorothy who feature in Bourne’s movie, due to the fact that isolation could strike at any type of age. More youthful individuals may experience loneliness in a range of situations: grief, moving residence, separation or separation, unemployment, parenthood, ailment, dependency … the listing goes on.

Take New Zealander Kylie, for instance, who just recently split up with her other half and also has actually been living alone in London given that he removaled back to New Zealand. She claims that when she gets home from job, she retraces the routes of her residence town on Google Maps and goes on Facebook, where it seems everybody is having a lot more fun than she is.

Then there’s 19-year-old Isobel, that located that trainee life really did not live up to her assumptions. ‘I literally remained in my area for three days’, she states. ‘It seemed like a prison’.

Every story in The Age of Loneliness is heartbreaking in its very own means. Bob beings in a chair close to his partner’s ashes, saying, ‘To me, she is here’. Solitary woman Jaye, 39, that is worried of never finding ‘the one’, says, ‘I’m hing on bed, or I’m out, simply questioning why nobody desires me’.

‘ [Solitude] is getting to such epidemic percentages in Britain that I knew I had to make a film’, Bourne created in The Guardian.’ [It] is influencing people of any ages. It could be as big an issue for young as well as middle-aged individuals when it comes to their grandparents’.

It’s something to see the film and be moved by the tales it tells. However exactly what can we, as individuals, do to help?

‘ After 18 months working on the movie, I feel we could all do something tiny, and also it will certainly make a massive effect on lonesome individuals’, Bourne said in a meeting with that said’s Not My Age. ‘ A little gesture of kindness could transform a lonesome life. My resolve is to do more, to be kinder. To look out and also reach people greater than in the past. It’s so straightforward, yet so few people trouble to do it’.

Visit The Project to Finish Solitude to discover just how you could help lonesome individuals in your neighborhood. View The Age of Loneliness on BBC iPlayer.