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‘ Oh, my gosh, you have so much hair!’

I typically get some variation of that remark each time I fulfill a person new or endeavor into a new hair stylist’s chair. It’s a very easy way to make tiny talk, but I constantly really feel a tint of anxiety every single time my hair is the subject of conversation.

I do have a lots of hair, or at least my all-natural swirls make it appear in this way. However, look a little closer and also you’ll see much shorter layers that disclose my largest secret.

I are among the approximated four million women in the U.S. who experience trichotillomania, additionally understood as the ‘hair-pulling illness.’ I routinely draw hair out of my head, strand by strand, without even truly recognizing I’m doing it. I could be functioning, enjoying television or doing any type of variety of activities as well as I’ll soon understand that I have a curly hair of dark, brown hair between my fingers.

Trich isn’t really just relegated to the hair in addition to the head. Some of those with the problem, consisting of starlet Olivia Munn, take out their eyelashes. Others specifically take out their brows or pubic hair.

According to, most start plucking around 12 or 13 years of ages. I can not keep in mind precisely when I started, yet I would certainly state it was around that time. It’s never actually been a social issue for me – my good friends don’t also know I do it. Or, if they do, they have actually never ever brought it up. I seem to be able to regulate it around others, though I have observed that I have the tendency to start pulling – nonetheless covertly – when I’m in an uncomfortable social situation.

My tendency to draw throughout awkward or uncomfortable situations does not suggest that it’s an anxiety-related disorder, however. Instead, I think it’s even more of my way to understand ‘relief’ because, believe it or not, I get a split-second of weird complete satisfaction after a hair breaks complimentary from the root.

Other patients I have actually spoken to throughout the years define a comparable sensation – and the full inability to stop it. Numerous doctors think about trich to be a ‘body emphasis disorder,’ just like nail attacking as well as skin selecting. That’s just what makes alleviating it actually complicated. I’ve been on and off different antidepressants and also antianxiety medications in an effort to suppress my need to draw. It’s assisted a bit, however only in certain scenarios, like when I fear going an upcoming conference or gathering. When I’m alone? It’s back to my typical behaviors.

In an unusual method, I do feel fortunate to have my type of trichotillomania. A quick Google search of the term raises terrible photos of girls and also guys who have literally gone hairless since of their have to draw big quantities of hair out of their heads. The embarrassment as well as pity on their faces is heartbreaking due to the fact that I recognize they’re nearly helpless to quit it.

In my situation, I just pull smidgens of hair out a time – generally no greater than 1 or 2 strands at once. I have the tendency to pull from three main areas: My hairline, crown and also the base of my head. I do not have hairless places, but the impacts of the drawing do show via in the shorter hairs that my body constantly needs to produce making up for the hair I have actually taken out prematurely.

I aim to maintain the pulling at bay with some therapy. I maintain my hair up in an untidy ponytail or bun about 95 percent of the time, primarily so it’s a lot more challenging for me to pull. I also aim to recognize the places I tend to do the most drawing – on the sofa, in the vehicle or in bed – and also redirect my hands whenever I observe I’m slipping towards my hairline. Again, less complicated stated than done.

Will I ever before be able to quit drawing my hair? I really hope that I’ll astonishingly ‘expand out of it’ at some point, or doctors will discover a way to treat it. As well as when they do, I’ll be the very first in line to select up that tablet or potion, no matter the price. Despite the way I alleviate it, I love my hair as well as prefer to maintain it on my head compared to in between my fingers.