grapefruit diet

As you’re preparing to prepare Thanksgiving supper, consider these healthy and balanced replacements for common components. These will certainly aid you lower the quantity of fat as well as calories in your dishes. (Or if you run out of a component in the nick of time, this could conserve you a journey to the store!)



White, all-purpose flour Whole wheat flour for 1/2 of the white flour asked for in the recipe
Whole eggs 2 egg whites or 1/4 cup fluid egg whites for every whole egg
Butter Olive oil or vegetable oil
Butter or oil (for baking) Applesauce
Heavy cream Evaporated fat-free milk
Whole milk 1% or non-fat milk
Fruit-flavored yogurt Plain yogurt with fresh fruit
Sour cream Non-fat plain yogurt
Mayonnaise Non-fat plain yogurt, strained, or low-fat mayo
Table salt Herbs, flavors, salt-free spices blends or natural herb blends
80% lean ground beef 95% lean ground beef or ground white turkey meat (99% lean)
Pork bacon Turkey bacon or lean Canadian bacon
Pork sausage Chicken sausage or turkey sausage
Poultry, dark meat with skin Poultry, white meat, skinless

Submitted by Ilise Reilly, Supervisor of Lucille Roberts Flushing.