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A team of scientists led by Elaine W. Yu, assistant professor at Massachusetts General Health center, are currently conducting a randomized, placebo-controlled test where 21 obese individuals will certainly take pills for 12 weeks, some including chocolate powder (the placebo) and also some containing feces from lean, healthy and balanced patients weekly for 12 weeks.

The objective of the study is to learn how intestine microbes consisted of in the feces from completely vetted healthy people can impact body weight and insulin level of sensitivity in overweight people.

‘ The donors go with a screening process that is more rigorous than what is required for blood contribution,’ Yu informed People, adding that every benefactor is authorized by the FDA and also ‘has to meet rigorous weight standards and are evaluated for medical, infectious and metabolic conditions.’

There has been some precedent for this test: An earlier study showed the transfer of intestine microorganisms from lean benefactors right into computer mice protected against excessive weight and insulin level of sensitivity. Another study on human beings showed favorable reaction, but the feces was transferred endoscopically.

‘ Several lines of proof recommend that intestine microbiota play an important duty in regulating human metabolism,’ Yu and researchers described in the trial proposition. ‘Significant research results consist of adjustment in weight, insulin sensitivity, and body make-up.’

This all sounds fantastic, however one even more inquiry: Just how will certainly the tablets taste?

‘ The pills are odor free, unappetizing and also double-encapsulated to ensure they will certainly not launch until they get to the right place in the big intestine,’ Dr. Yu informed the New York Daily News. ‘We aren’t sure exactly what the results of this test will certainly be. I don’t want to feed any kind of craze of individuals getting on this bandwagon.’