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What is DDP YOGA?

Designed by 3 time WCW world champ Ruby Dallas Web page, DDP YOGA is a hybrid exercise that includes yoga exercise positions with exercises, rehabilitation strategies, vibrant resistance exercises as well as active breathing strategies for a more difficult as well as results-oriented exercise – all with completely zero effect on joints.

So why did Page choose to establish his very own physical fitness program? He states it was based upon necessity. After blowing out his knee as well as being informed by three various doctors his fumbling profession mored than, he chose to take matters right into his very own hands. The result? DDP YOGA EXERCISE. ‘The fact is, I would certainly have gotten anything. I created DDP YOGA EXERCISE to heal my own body so I could remain to live my desire,’ he informs us.

Why try it?

The program offers all the benefits of an intense cardio workout without influencing joints, while promoting body weight loss and also boosting lean muscular tissue advancement. Web page found that using vibrant resistance as well as engaging the body’s muscles through concentric and eccentric movements, not just will you create muscle toughness, but you will also understand an impressive cardio workout by elevating the heart rate to a level that sheds fat effectively and effectively.

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Who is it for?

DDP YOGA EXERCISE is the perfect program for those planning to not only achieve their wellness goals but additionally transform their lives. As well as you do not have to be a yoga pro to attempt it. Actually, Page easily admits that ‘for the very first 42 years of my life, I was the man that would not be captured dead doing yoga.’ And now his program, which incorporates standard yoga exercise activities, is helping plenty of individuals slim down, increase adaptability and also get in shape.

‘ It’s tailored towards any person who wishes to come to be stronger, leaner and a lot more versatile, and, naturally, drop weight,’ says Web page of DDP YOGA EXERCISE. ‘It’s for people that would not be captured dead doing typical yoga exercise since it drops the ‘spiritual mumbo big’ and also obtains directly to business. It deals with your cardio, strength, endurance and adaptability all at the same time,’ he describes. ‘DDP YOGA EXERCISE is such a complete workout that you’ll conserve time, as well as you can do it anywhere.’

What to expect

Like any kind of fitness program, the more consistently you follow the exercise as well as the program quick guide, the much better your results will be. ‘DDP YOGA EXERCISE was constantly planned to recover as well as strengthen my own body, as well as others can expect to obtain amazing core toughness, versatility and also endurance by doing the exercise constantly,’ states Page. ‘The workout engages your mind in addition to your body, so it improves your focus and also favorable mindset, as well as a lot of the DDP YOGA success stories show unbelievable weight reduction despite the fact that it was never intended for that purpose.’

Page keeps in mind that incorporating the heart price screen is very essential for success. Users can additionally take it to an additional degree by becoming responsible to the Group DDP YOGA EXERCISE community, along with Web page himself, at

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