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Facebook good friend after Facebook pal began sharing a photo of a female with a puncturing out her lobe, top ear or tragus, but on the internal cartilage. The note attached asserted that these piercings are recognized for aiding ease migraines.

‘ Given that I had actually the puncturing done, I have actually had essentially no discomfort in my head, which was virtually continuous prior to,’ Washington female Sheri Utecht informed the Daily Mail. ‘It appears crazy and I could not fairly believe it initially yet I checked out it later on and also obviously this puncturing really can aid with headaches.’

Her story is among loads – if not hundreds – on social media.

I figured it was a new alternate wellness method, but it’s in fact been around for several thousand years and is based off the principles of acupuncture, which count on eliminating discomfort with stress points. Since accupuncture is among the therapy techniques made use of for migraine headaches, it’s thought that the piercing was eventually connected with the therapy over time.

The problem: There’s absolutely nothing even more than unscientific proof that shows the Daith puncturing helps migraines.

‘ Some people that have actually received a Daith puncturing have together discovered enhancement with their migraine frustrations,’ Dr. Thomas Cohn, an interventional pain physician in Minnesota, composed on his blog. ‘The correlation is based upon the success for some people with acupuncture in the exact same area of the Daith piercing.’

The piercings are usually around $50 to $100, relying on the puncturing shop.

‘ If an individual enjoys ear piercing and also deals with constant headaches, it could be worthwhile to think about getting this place pierced,’ Dr. Cohn included. ‘… if you suffer migraine headaches and are really not sure whether you want a puncturing, trying acupuncture first would certainly be a good option to determine if this treatment may be effective. If this is not working, as well as the migraine headaches are not being well managed, even more conversations with your clinical professional regarding therapy options is called for.’

Bottom line: It might work to minimize migraine headaches for some people, yet not others. Migraine headaches, like many sources of pain, are difficult to deal with, yet do not offer up.