lemonade diet

Tired? Consume water. Hungry? Consume water. Have a frustration? Consume alcohol water.

It’s good advice, provided that hydration is definitely essential to our bodies as well as without it we won’t make it through. However, one guy declares that drinking any vital drink isn’t really something he’ll ever do again.

Peter Filak, a previous registered nurse and also present blog writer and also cam model says he hasn’t had any type of drinks – save for a couple of sodas and also glasses of milk – considering that May 5, 2012 at 5 p.m. He currently subsists on a diet regimen of fresh fruits as well as veggies that clock in around 800-1,000 calories a day.

The factor for abandoning water, he says, is to stay clear of chemicals and also all of the additional peeing that includes drinking liquid.

‘ Also when you’re filtering system water, you’re taking out one chemical as well as placing in an additional … [particularly] the filtered water where chlorine as well as fluoride and all those other delighted points are added to it,’ he wrote on his now-deleted blog site, More Apples a Day, according to Vice. ‘Especially as I entered into a raw vegetables and fruit diet plan, I ‘d be awakening 2 to 3 times a night to pee. So it just really did not make good sense to me. I really did not recognize why I had to be consuming alcohol all that water.’

The 26-year-old told Vice that an added benefit is that he does not sweat or ‘create any smell.’

The factor he hasn’t already died from dehydration? The whole fruits and vegetables he eats do provide him some fluid, however it’s really unlikely that he is getting sufficient to sustain his body, not to mention replenish exactly what he normally sheds each day.

‘ Any kind of diet plan that excludes any kind of food group is a trend and also entirely unsustainable,’ Lisa Sasson, a clinical associate teacher of nutrition at New York College, told Vice. ‘Dehydration is really serious. Water has fluoride, which is essential for oral health. It cleanses our palates, contributes to important bodily functions, helps our kidneys. I can detail 20 essential features of fluid.’

In brief: Don’t try this at home.