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Forget breast enhancement as well as lip injections – the most up to date plastic surgical procedure trend has to do with getting arms like Michelle Obama’s.

Last year, 15,457 people – 98 percent were women – spent a total amount of $61 million to have liposuction surgery on their arms, otherwise called brachioplasty. Throughout the surgical treatment, the medical professional makes as well as incision from the underarm to the joint to get rid of excess skin. The variety of procedures has risen 4,378 percent since 2000, according to the American Culture of Plastic Surgeons, which just recently launched statistics.

The ASPS states there is no single factor for the rise, but did keep in mind a survey that women are paying even more focus to stars’ arms. Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and also Kelly Ripa weren’t the celebrities with the most-admired limbs – instead, First Woman Michelle Obama had the most sought after arms.

But prior to you going in for a consult with your regional plastic surgeon, maintain in mind what Dr. David Reath, a Tennessee cosmetic surgeon and also chair of the ASPS Public Education and learning Committee, has to state about the procedure.

He keeps in mind that brachioplasty usually leaves a noticeable scar. While females obtaining the procedure might have much more toned arms, others could be able to see just how they got them.

Americans spent $11 billion on the cosmetic treatments in 2012. For the 7th year straight, breast enhancement was one of the most usual cosmetic surgical treatment, with 286,000 procedures performed.