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Antarctic Ice Marathon

Competitors in this frigid race run on ice and also snow in an ordinary windchill temperature of -20 degrees. The Antarctic Ice Marathon is the southernmost marathon in the world and also the only marathon run in the inside of the Antarctic. Competitors fly by exclusive jet from Punta Arenas, Chile, to the marathon area at Union Glacier to begin their 5 days of racing. A significant program of 26.2 miles is prepared beforehand as well as snowmobile assistance, help stations and medical employees get on hand throughout the race.


Marathon des Sables, Sahara Desert

Ranked by the Discovery Channel as the hardest footrace in the world, the Marathon des Sables was started in 1986 and is now in its 28th year. The back-breaking race has competitors running the equivalent of five and a half marathons in five or six days, a total range of around 156 miles in one of the globe’s most unwelcoming climates – the Sahara desert. The rules need racers to be self-dependent, which indicates that not just are they grinding via the Sahara, they are lugging every little thing they should make it through on their backs except water. You understand a spot in a camping tent to sleep in the evening, however anything else you require you’ll be carrying.


Enduroman Arc To Arc, London to Paris

Most non-athletes are blown away by a normal triathlon – swimming, cycling and also running over fars away. However this one, a 300 mile continual triathlon challenge is a little bit different. The Enduroman Arch to Arc links London and also Paris by means of an English Channel swim. The obstacle begins at London’s Marble Arch with an 87 mile go to Dover, swimming to France as well as do with a 180 mile bike ride to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Believe you’re prepared to provide it a shot? You’ll should have a six hour sea swim in temperature levels of 16 degrees or less in the year of your attempt to prove you have just what it takes.


The Jungle Ultra, Peru

Often called the toughest and also most gorgeous race by its rivals the Jungle Ultra is an endurance examination like no various other. Rivals race with 5 phases, along 143 miles of forest trails, mountain roadways as well as town tracks that lead down from 10,500 feet in the Cloud Woodland to the Amazon.com Jungle below. Racers have to lug their own items however they could replenish their water along the road at check points as well as base camps. Otherwise, it’s a solo trip with the jungle.


6633 Ultra

Another ultra-cold ultra-marathon, the 6633 Ultra is a continuous foot race over a range of either 120 miles or 350 miles. The number in the name describes the latitude in programs and mins of the Polar circle where the difficulty occurs. Both races cross the line of the Arctic Circle, with the longer race remaining to the financial institutions of the Arctic Sea. Rivals will certainly be expected to lug or pull on sleds all their provisions for the race including food, cooking things, apparel, sleeping kit as well as other safety and security equipment. Racers going the full 350 miles are allowed two decline bags for restricted essential equipment at approximately the 120-mile mark as well as the 230-mile mark. Only 11 athletes on foot have actually until now handled to finish the 350-mile race.

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